Magbalik-tanaw sa mga tao, kwento at aral na naging bahagi ng dalawampu't limang taon ng Maalaala Mo Kaya.









Feb 1, 2008

Popcorn (Young Love)
Jeffrey Jeturian

A light love story of a 13-year-old girl’s unrequited love – her obsession and bubbly character, and the comic turning points of her venture to win her beloved’s heart. Natasshia finally did, thanking the gods for winning him - only to learn that he was betraying her for another. Natasshia’s…

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Jan 17, 2009

Boarding House
Dado Lumibao

Billy, a gay who grew up hating his sexuality, met Richard when Billy helped him be accepted in a boarding house they stayed in for several days. Richard was attractive but mysterious, but despite of his nature, Billy resisted his attraction to Richard, and tried being friends with him. One…

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Mar 7, 2010

Dancing Shoes (Dance Love)
Nuel Naval

Herbert dance for fame, while Elena dance because she enjoy it. Despite their difference, the two became friends, supported and encouraged each other. When Elena graduated from high school, Herbert asked her to join him in studying at UP Diliman. New to Manila, they depended on one another—they were inseparable…

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Oct 8, 2011

Tap Dancing Shoes
Dado Lumibao

Brothers Ramonito and Lourdito, popularly known as Happy Feet, narrate the struggle they had to go through just to reach their dream of getting their family out of poverty. Eventually, all their efforts were not put to waste as they ranked second in Pilipinas Got Talent (2010) Season 2, giving them…

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Feb 18, 2012

Kamao (Underground Boxer)
Dado Lumibao

Battered child, Ramon grew up hating people and having the desire to hurt others. With that motivation, Ramon was perfect for being an underground boxer where only the best survives. But when he was ready change his way of living for his family, fate tested him. Ramon committed crimes he…

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Dec 7, 2013

Family Picture (Reunion)
Garry Fernando

Judith’s father has been very cruel to her, her siblings, more so to her mother. Such cruelty pushes her older brother to the limits, thus provoking him to terribly hurt their father physically. From that instance, the relationship of their family totally shatters and each member of the family goes…

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Nov 15, 2014

Pedicab (Tacloban Inmate)
Garry Fernando

Joseph is the second-born son in a family of 12 children. He builds a close relationship with his younger siblings and his parents, especially his mother whom he loves so much. To be able to give his family a better life, Joseph works hard to provide for his family. All…

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Sep 19, 2015

Sulat (Three Gay Hostages)
Dondon Santos

Momar, Ram-Ram, and Jupiter meet each other at Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology where they are enrolled and are members of the same student organization. The three quickly hit it off because of their highly spirited personas and love for dancing. Later on, the the three would…

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Ano ang kwento ng buhay mo? Ibahagi mo na 'yan kasama ang aral na nais mong iparating sa ating mga Kapamilya. Baka kwento mo na ang susunod na itampok namin sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.



Narito ang ilan sa mga di malilimutang kwentong tumatatak sa ating mga puso't isipan sa loob ng dalawampu't limang taon.

May 15, 1991

Rubber Shoes

Jul 1, 1999


Sep 4, 1991


May 11, 2007

Rehas (3 Baliw)

Dec 21, 1995




Abangan kung saan kami susunod na bibisita upang mangalap ng mga kuwento mula sa ating mga Kapamilya.



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