A Family Storm

Dec 24, 2016

Lorena (late 20’s) and Norberto (late 20’s) have always strived to build a prosperous family for their children. This comes from Lorena's desire to prove her relatives wrong about Norberto who they did not see fit for a college-educated Lorena because he was just a pedicab driver when they tied the knot. However, the couple struggled throughout the years because of a series of bad luck and wrong decisions. Two decades and four children later, the two finally succeeded in their dreams of prospering when their chicharon, balut, and peanut business boomed. They were able to build a new house and send all of their children to school without financially collapsing. Unfortunately, all of that was taken away when Typhoon Yolanda destroyed Tacloban. Lorena, along with their two younger children, were separated from Norberto who was with their two older children when the storm surges arrived. Days after, all of them travelled to Manila to look for each other, but fate did not make it possible. Lorena and Norberto, although dead worried, both knew they will soon reunite and be complete again. So while they are separated from each other, the two heads of the family worked to sustain the needs of their children. Norberto and their older children went back to Tacloban after a one-year stint in Manila, while Lorena who was with the younger children stayed in Manila.  Until a year after, Norberto received a tip from a neighbor of Lorena and their two kids' whereabouts. Two days after, Norberto was reunited with his wife and their children.



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