Alitaptap (SCTEX)

Apr 20, 2013

At a young age, Brian and his family experience poverty. One testament to this is the condition of his mother, Virgie, who has eye problem but does not have the means to see a doctor. Thus, it leads to Virgie’s almost lost of sight. On this premise, Brian exhausts all means to help his family. He gathers water spinach and catches fish for their meal. Brian also serves as his mother’s eyes, hands and feet as he assists her in doing household chores. Unknown to Brian, his older brother Raymond feels offended by Brian’s unintentional generosity and kindness. Raymond thinks that Brian wants to steal his role as the eldest among siblings; until an unexpected incident happens one night when Brian and his friends are searching for spiders within the area close to SCTEx. A vehicle stops near the spot where Brian and his friends are gathered. A man from the said vehicle alights and indiscriminately fires his gun to the boys. Unfortunately, it is Brian who is hit on the head and is seriously wounded that leads to his untimely death. All people who know Brian grieve over his death, especially his brother Raymond. In the end, Raymond realizes how good-natured his brother is to their family. He, then, promises to work hard in order to achieve Brian’s dream to give a better future for their family.


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