Altar (Lyka and Jane)

May 25, 2013

Lyka and Jane are second cousins but growing up together makes them treat each other as real sisters. All is well, until Jane joins her mother in Baguio. After two years, Jane comes back to Laoag. She is excited to be with Lyka once again. But unlike before, Lyka is contented with her life without Jane. Until Jane finds out that Lyka works as an escort girl. Jane intervenes and asks Lyka to stop her wrongdoing. Lyka obeys at first but eventually goes back to being an escort girl and starts using illegal drugs as well. Lyka is even impregnated by a family man. In order to help Lyka, Jane decides to work abroad. She is sending money for Lyka. One day, Jane is shocked when she discovers that Lyka fools her couple of times by using her money in buying illegal drugs. That is when Jane almost loses her patience. So after four years of working abroad, Jane returns to Laoag, gets married, and tries to live a life away from Lyka. But no matter what happens, Jane still has a heart to help Lyka especially when she learns that Lyka falls in love with a good-for-nothing man and becomes a driver for an akyat-bahay gang. Jane’s unending concern for Lyka results to Jane’s misunderstanding with her husband Daniel which makes Lyka realize how much Jane loves her. In return, Lyka makes a way to reunite Jane and Daniel. Lyka asks for Jane’s forgiveness as well. She also begins to recognize her mistakes and longs to start anew. Jane believes that it is the start of Lyka’s good life but an unfortunate incident happens one night. Lyka is killed by an unknown guy. Until now, Jane desires justice for her beloved Lyka. But despite the misfortune, Jane is relieved knowing that Lyka changed for the better before her death.


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