Arroz Caldo

Mar 1, 2014

Amelia is a native of Pampanga. She loses her mother and father during her teenage years. Because of that, she experiences living with her relatives and begging American soldiers for leftover food. When she turns 18, she meets Martino (18), falls in love with him, and later on marries him. He is the perfect man for her. He is a sweet man. Martino is also the son of a rich Chinese businessman in Bacolod. Amelia lives a good life, until she learns of her husband’s infidelities. He has mistresses, one after the other, and eventually starts giving less and less financial support to their family. But Amelia does not want to have a broken family. She does not want her children to experience what she experienced when she lost her parents, so she keeps her husband’s infidelities to herself in order to hold her family intact. She then decides to sell arroz caldo to earn money. For 15 years, Amelia (30s to 40s) walks around the streets of Bacolod while selling her famous arroz caldo. In the end, she is able to keep her family together until her husband’s last breath.



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