Aso (Lolo Jessie)

Aug 4, 2012

Jessie at a very young age never experienced having a complete and happy family. He grew up with her lola Severina after her father died and her mother left and lived with another family. Though hurting because of the feeling of being abandoned by her own mother, he still had a happy life because of his grandmother and also because of their cats and dogs. Soon, Severina died and it brought so much pain and sadness to Jessie. Years quickly passed until Jessie (70s) grew old. He lived with his nephew, Nisan and Nisan’s family. There, Jessie again found happiness when he had his dogs named Simba and Brownie. But Nisan and his wife, Ria were not in favor in the idea of having dogs. Jessie loved Simba and Bownie and cannot abandon them so he decided to leave his nephew’s house and he lived in the street with his pets. Simba and Brownie never left Jessie. They built a strong relationship. With them, Jessie found the meaning of a family. But because of being old and the feeling of not having the ability to take care of Simba and Brownie, Jessie thought of giving them away. He kept himself away from his pets until one afternoon; Jessie was hit by a car. Only then he did realize the importance of his pets when he saw Simba and Brownie waiting for him outside the hospital. Jessie learned that his pets were the only family left for him that was why he promised to love and take care of them for the remaining years of his life.


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