Bahay (All For Love)

Feb 16, 2013

Andres is the not-so-handsome type of guy. Still, he has a good heart. One day, he meets the love of his life, Pansing. Unfortunately, Pansing does not like him. Still, Andres perseveres to get Pansing’s heart. Instead of courting her, he courts Pansing’s mother. Pansing’s mother tells Andres that if he wants to marry Pansing, he should have a house of his own. Andres’s family is not well-off but they love him so much so they support him. Eventually, thru the help of Andres’s siblings, they are able to build a house. Because of the initial agreement, Andres is permitted to marry Pansing though the latter never agrees to it. And that is the biggest challenge Andres has to face. But in the end, because of everything he does for love, Pansing learns to love Andres back.


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