Balikbayan Box (Saipan)

Aug 31, 2007

Dante and Lorna seem to paint a portrait of a happy family. Although the two lived quite simply, they are undeniably happy. However, problems arose as their little family got bigger, and as the saying goes, "you can't live on love alone". As such, the two decided that they must earn extra cash, making Lorna work abroad to search for greener pastures. Things head for an unexpected twist, as Lorna coincidentally meets her old flame in Saipan and they had a relationship leaving her family broken hearted with her absence. Years passed, Lorna returned to her family and revealed that she is dying. Dante forgave and accepted Lorna to his children’s disappointment. But Dante explained to his children that he love Lorna despite her infidelity and he is willing to take care of her until her last breath.


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Dec 16, 1992


Nov 23, 2007

Sigarilyo (New York)

Aug 28, 2010

Wedding Ring (Amnesiac Father)

Oct 16, 1991


Nov 9, 1994

Itim na Damit