Baller (Celyn-Marlon)

Jan 31, 2015

In hopes of a brighter future, 20-year-old Celyn leaves the province of Bohol and ventures in Manila, where she ends up being a grocery store attendant. There, Celyn meets her childhood friend Rea Mae, who has married a man from the urban. At the house of Rea’s mother-in-law, Celyn unexpectedly bumps into the love of her life. He is Marlon, a man as bold as Celyn who at first clashes with her overwhelming temper. Both of them are in denial of their infatuation with each other, constantly sneering at their conflicting but complementary personalities. Truly, love always perseveres, as they fall in love with each other and decide to make a family. With Marlon’s meager earnings from construction and scavenging of metal junks, their small family survives every day. As a housewife Celyn has been contented with this kind of ordinary life, but she always thinks of what has been her only wish—getting married in church. As a loving husband, Marlon concedes to his wife’s idea but he is left helpless as reality flashes him the financial impossibility. Tension arises when Marlon’s meager source of income slumps, leading him to take his feelings out on Celyn. But before Celyn loses hope, an enlightened and regretful Marlon makes up for his negligence, confessing that his grudge came from his frustration of not being able to grant Celyn’s dream wedding. Love between them prevails even if they still cannot afford their town’s mass wedding. The tables turn when Celyn and Marlon try their luck in a TV variety show, where they became the first contestants to bag the P1M jackpot prize. Now that destiny has stored them an unshakeable financial and emotional investment, their long-overdue dream wedding and love for each other carry on.



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