Banana Split (Spoken Word)

Nov 21, 2015

Since he learned to speak, Trevor (3) has been stuttering. His playmates would bully him around both for his stutters and for his being overweight. To add to his woes, his mother (30) and uncle (32) would scold and shout at him for not being able to speak whenever he comes home crying because of his playmates’ bullying. Because of the environment that discourages him from speaking, Trevor fails to practice and correct his speech. To escape from his woes, Trevor (5-7) would resort to writing stories he creates in his mind, and later on, to writing poems. When he starts going to college, still an overweight and a shy boy, Trevor (18) falls in love with a campus heartthrob, who, unknown to Trevor at first, also develops feelings for him for his gentle ways and sweetness. Whenever he is with Emma (16) Trevor’s stutters disappear. Unfortunately, after more than a year of secretly becoming a couple, Emma (17) breaks up with him and tells him to erase all photos and evidences of their having been together. Devastated, Trevor’s stutters resurface and he continues writing poems as his outlet. Years after, a friend asks him to watch an open mic poetry event. Trevor (23) hesitantly obliges just to cheer for his friend. But his friend enlists him as one of the performers. Not used to speaking in public, Trevor feels anxious but despite himself, steps up the stage and begins performing an original poem for the first time in his life. And surprisingly, his stutters disappear. At the end of his performance, people applaud him and commend his braveness. Trevor begins to earn a name for himself as a member of a group of spoken word artists. During one of his performances, Trevor is unaware that Emma comes to watch his performance, finding the stories behind his poems too familiar. One night, Trevor is surprised when Emma (21) calls, asking for them to be friends again. But Trevor decides to end everything between them. For the first time when confronting people, his stutters also disappear. After freeing himself of his anger for Emma, Trevor pursues his new career as a spoken word artist, braver and more open to people, like he never was before.



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May 25, 2013

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