Barko (Asian Cruise)

May 18, 2007

Most people pant after love, but it seems as if they're looking for it in the wrong places. Yet, something unexpected, yet seemingly ordinary comes at their lives, and then it transforms itself into a romance waiting to happen. If you are caught in the same predicament, what will you do? Will you grab that rare opportunity, or will you turn your back on love altogether, afraid of taking that chance and the uncertainty to follow? Meet Mio and Camille, two people who are two worlds apart. Mio is a simple banker from Bulacan, who wants nothing more but a better life for his mother, as well as to brighten up another person's day with his sincere service at the bank. Camille, on the other hand, is an educated girl, reared by an upper middle class family. Beautiful and intelligent, Camille seems to fit everybody's ideal of a perfect girlfriend. However, she is still single.


MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Zambales

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#MMKLifeMomentsMadrid: Mayette Calderon & Ofelia Santos

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