Barung Barong (Foster Grandfather)

Oct 10, 2015

Noel is an old gay who has lost sense of direction and purpose in life; he ran away from his relatives who could not accept his homosexuality, and for several years has been homeless. At 66, Noel finds a house to stay in the family of Yolly (26), a mother of five children. Because Yolly’s husband Joseph (25) is afflicted with hernia and has been addicted to drinking due to depression, Yolly runs to Noel for financial, emotional, and moral support. An orphan herself, Yolly also finds a confidant and parent in Noel. But their closeness soon becomes the cause of Joseph’s jealousy, especially when Noel becomes close and very much attached to Yolly’s ninth and youngest child Jessie. Since Jessie was born, Noel has been taking over as the young boy’s father, mother, and grandparent. Through Jessie, Noel feels loved and needed—something he has not felt for a long time. However, Noel continues to hear hurtful accusations from Joseph, and decides to run away. But after weeks of wandering in the streets, Noel realizes that it is in Yolly’s house where he has found a family. He returns and learns that Jessie, then a toddler, has fallen sick from worrying about him. Noel directs his energies on gathering money for Jessie’s needs, but his old age soon takes its toll on him, as he falls sick and almost puts his own life in danger while selling in the streets. After a series of events that brings him to his senses, Joseph realizes Noel’s sacrifices and has a change of heart for the old man. He decides to look for a job albeit menial, and reaches out to Yolly, his children, and Noel. Also an orphan like Yolly, Joseph thanks Noel for becoming a father he has not had for a long time. Through Noel, Yolly and the family realizes that love knows no age, gender, or blood relation.



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