Belo (Independent Jane)

Feb 25, 2012

Jane   wanted   to   have a life   more   then   what   her   family   has   so   she followed her dreams and become a teacher. But after getting involved in church activities, Jane thought she was called to become a nun. Even if she knew her family did not approve of her being a nun, she still   pushed   through   with   it.   She   went   inside   a   convent   but   later decided   to   go   back   to   teaching   where   she   met   Randell,   a   military officer. They fell in love, and even if both their families disliked their relationship,   they   pursued   getting   married.   As   days   gone   by, Jane discovered that Randell was a womanizer and even caught him making love with her co-teacher. Hurt, Jane filled for annulment. With the help of her family, Jane survived that season. It was then she realized that she needed her family and that God was calling her, not as a nun, butas a teacher and a writer of Christian books to inspire and empower women.


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