Bisikleta (Dolphy Ep)

Dec 21, 2007

After spending 40 years in prison, Abel is finally a free man. He dreams of spending this Christmas with his wife, Liza, and their son, Andoy, However, his family still hates him for believing that he killed Liza's new husband and Andoy's second father Carding. Abel is not sure what would happen to him outside those prison walls. Good thing his friend Nestor offered him to stay with them. There, Abel experienced the warm and comfort of having a home, and of having a family. But Abel still longs to be with his family, hence, he tries to see Liza and Andoy. In their old house, Abel watches from afar, and he meets a young boy named Mark who is actually his grandson. Abel befriended Mark, but when Abel discovers the secret friendship his son is having with his loathed father, he angrily tells Abel to leave them in peace.


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