Bisikleta (Lolo Uge)

Sep 19, 2009

A story of magic, love for elders and living a simple life. Chen was her lolo’s favorite grandchild. Every summer in Tubigon, her Lolo Uge would take her around the barrio and tell her stories of kapres, duwendes and fairies and teaching her to live a simple life. Chen believed her lolo’s stories and its magic. But when her mother got ill with cancer, Lolo Uge urged her to talk to their “friends” to seek help. Chen did what her lolo told her. But her wish didn’t happen. Her mother died and she blamed her lolo for her mother’s death. Hurt by her lolo’s betrayal, Chen never came back to Tubigon. She lived her life away from her lolo, forgetting the little things lolo Uge taught her. Years later, Chen, already married, received a call from her aunt telling her to go to Tubigon because her lolo was sick. Once again, Chen came back to Tubigon and learned that her lolo had Alzheimer’s disease. Chen tried to help her lolo to recover his memories. But to her dismay, Lolo uGE cannot remember a single thing. Hopeless, Chen helped her lolo until the end of his days, realizing that there is more to life than money – living simply, walking humbly and caring for people who love her most.


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