Bituin (Christmas Wish)

Dec 21, 2013

JV is only 2 years old when his parents separated. Since then, JV is left under the guidance of his maternal grandmother, Dedeng, and her family. JV is given all the love by his grandmother, the kind of love that his parents should give him. But despite that, JV still longs for the presence of his real mother. Being a child, he believes that Santa Claus will grant him his wish so every Christmas, JV wishes for Santa Claus to bring his mother back so they can live together. It hurts Dedeng thinking that the reason behind JV’s wish is because her love is never enough for his grandson. Unknown to Dedeng, her affection for JV causes his favorite son, Edwin, to hate JV. But when JV is diagnosed with Thalassemia, Edwin suddenly changes and starts to care for his nephew. JV’s disease is gradually taking its toll on him. But still, he wishes to see his mother even for the last time. Dedeng wants to grant his grandson’s wish but to no avail. In the end, she has no choice but to ask for JV’s forgiveness because she cannot fulfill his wish. But JV says that it does not matter to him anymore because what is important is that Dedeng, Edwin and the rest of his family stand by his side and take care of him. Until JV’s last breath, he is grateful to be loved by a family like them.


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