Blusa (Catwoman)

Feb 28, 2009

Nympha has always been there for her sister Nemie. She has done every possible job to support Nemie’s education in UPLB and her efforts paid off when she graduated Suma Cum Laude. She even turned down the marriage proposal of her 6-year boyfriend just to leave the province with Nemie and try their luck in Manila with only P500 in her pocket. Misfortunes came: they missed a good boarding house, lived with strangers and worst; Nemie did not succeed in her job applications. Until one day, Nemie found out that her sister was being enslaved by the owner of the house they were living in. So she asked Nympha to go back to the province and live the better life she thought she deserved. Nemie, alone in the city, did everything to find a job but still failed and ended up working as a club dancer. After 6 months, she decided to go home but was robbed along the way. She arrived home with nothing and witnessed how bedridden their father was. This situation prompted her to go back even her father insisted she should stay. After three months, she went home again and found out that her father was already buried dead. Everyday she would go to the cemetery, missed meals, until she lost her sanity. She started to live in the streets with stray kittens. People ridicule her and just like before, Nympha would always fight for her sister.


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