Boarding House

Jan 17, 2009

Billy, a gay who grew up hating his sexuality, met Richard when Billy helped him be accepted in a boarding house they stayed in for several days. Richard was attractive but mysterious, but despite of his nature, Billy resisted his attraction to Richard, and tried being friends with him. One time, Richard seduced Billy, thinking that it was the payment for Billy’s kindness to him, but Billy broke out in anger: he had a genuine intention, not a cheap intention, as Richard thought. Richard realized that Billy was different from the gays he had known, and eventually, he opened up his dark past to Billy.


Richard was a rape victim of his own closet gay father when he was young, and had hated gays ever since. His real intention of seducing Billy was to take revenge on him, as a shadow of his own father. He stayed in the boarding house because he had found his father in that town after several years. His father was a mentally-ill man, who no longer recognized him. Richard found the strength to face his father once and for all, until one night, he told Billy that his father was already gone. It was the end of their short time together, and it was time for them to move on with their own lives. Billy changed Richard’s view of people like Billy – that not all gays bear the shadow of his father, and at the same time, Richard inspired Billy to become a good person.


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