Bottled Water (Gay Prince Charming)

Aug 22, 2015

Zyra is a teenage girl who had a series of bad experiences with guys in her former relationships. Although most of them cheated on her, Zyra is still optimistic about finding someone who would treat her the way she wanted to be treated. When Zyra enters college, she finds a new prospect: a handsome freshman student, Arnie. However, she finds out that Arnie is gay. Amid her friends telling her that Arnie is not into girls, Zyra remains unfazed and proceeds to stalk Arnie. After months of trying to get Arnie interested in her, Zyra realizes that her efforts are futile. Just when she is about to close her doors for the possibility of being with him, Arnie surprisingly tells her that he wants her, too. Without Zyra knowing it, Arnie has been missing her company. After two months of courting, Zyra says yes to Arnie. However, people around them criticize their relationship because they think Arnie is not really serious about her; that Arnie is still gay and that he is just playing with Zyra’s feelings. But Arnie proves to her that the naysayers are wrong by showing how much he cares about her – the kind of care and thoughtfulness Zyra has never had from her previous relationships. Now, the two remain a couple and will celebrate their second anniversary later this year.



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