Box (My Sister’s Best Friend)

Jun 1, 2013

Because of her strict parents, Dua (12) has never been in love with anyone. But not until she meets her sister Una’s best friend and high school classmate, Bruce (15). Dua is starting to fall for Bruce when she meets her best friend, Jayson (12) in a high school entrance exam. From then on, Dua and Jayson become so close that they know everything about each other. Dua even tells Jayson that she has a secret crush on Bruce. As days go by, Dua’s feeling for Bruce grows stronger and eventually, she realizes that she’s deeply in love with him. Soon, Dua and Bruce become closer. They share happy memories together. But when everything seems so right between Dua and Bruce, Dua’s relationship with Jayson starts to fade. Jayson feels that he is being taken for granted by his best friend because of Bruce. Still, Dua chooses to be with Bruce over Jayson because by that time, Dua senses that Bruce also has the same feelings for her. Because of that, Dua gets the courage to admit her real feelings for Bruce. But Dua’s heart breaks when Bruce tells her that he already has a girlfriend. It is the most painful feeling Dua has to experience. She cries whenever she thinks of Bruce. In those times, it’s Jayson who is always there by her side. Only then Dua realizes that she has neglected her best friend for loving Bruce. Through her family and Jayson, Dua eventually forgets Bruce. One day, Jayson confesses to Dua that he is in love with her. And before she knows, Dua is already falling in love with him too. Though the feeling is mutual, in the end, the two decide not to continue their love but to enjoy their friendship.


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