Bracelet (Alyssa & the 3 Lolas)

Jul 25, 2015

Alyssa grows up with her three old maid grandmothers Endith, Lourdes, and Belen, who treat her like their own daughter. However, they are also overprotective and strict with Alyssa. As the young girl grows up, she comes to resent the austerity of her grandmothers. The three women even prohibit her from visiting her sick brother in Manila, fearing Alyssa might not return to them. Because of this, Alyssa decides to run away from her grandmothers. However, Alyssa’s plans change when she learns that her grandmother Belen has a serious heart disease. Alyssa learns from her cousin Lanie and from Endith that her grandmothers’ savings for their medical care were spent on her education. Alyssa further discovers the extent of her grandmothers’ sacrifices for her. She sees her grandmothers in a new light, and apologizes for misunderstanding their love. Alyssa stays with her three grandmothers, their relationship better than before.



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Sumilip sa likod ng kamera at alamin kung paano nabubuo ang mga madamdaming tagpong iyong natutunghayan sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.


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