Bracelet (Best Friends)

May 21, 2011

Dianne (18) and Emily (22) became best of friends when they were freshmen in college. The two were inseparable until Emily met Dianne’s father, Teddy (34). Emily got attracted to Teddy’s charming looks and was able to see the goodness in him that Emily said yes to Teddy’s proposed love for her. But after two months of keeping their relationship a secret, Dianne found out and got mad with Emily and she ended their friendship. Dianne made Emily’s life in college miserable. Emily realized her mistake and broke up with Teddy and decided to quit school and live away from Dianne. After a year, Emily was surprised to see Teddy at her doorsteps, not asking her to be with him, but asked her to come with him because Dianne is dying of leukemia. In the hospital, Emily asked forgiveness for all the wrong things she did and Dianne gave her blessing to be with her father and become her mother.


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May 22, 1991


Jun 7, 2014

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