Bukid (Maid-Boss Love)

Dec 13, 2014

Leng grows up in a poor family of farmers in Surigao del Sur. Because of her family situation, she stops going to school and starts working as a maid. Leng is good at her work as an optimistic and dutiful maid. Eventually, she moves to Manila with her sister to work for a family there, but she does not stay long in her job. Thankfully, Leng quickly finds work in Rico’s home, primarily as the caretaker of his children. She starts living there peacefully with Rico’s mother Connie and Rico’s two children. Rico, who is heartbroken from the failed relationship with his children’s mother, is serious and withdrawn. But Leng’s cheerfulness and loyalty to her family touches Rico. Through Rico’s uncharacteristic show of affection, Leng starts reciprocating his feelings. They begin a secret relationship that slowly grows serious. Their relationship is tested when Connie finds out about it. In the end, Leng decides to leave the household, no matter how much Rico defends their relationship from Connie’s anger. Rico relents, since they promise to maintain their relationship. For two years they grow closer together. Eventually Leng becomes pregnant with Rico’s child, an gives birth to a baby girl. Although they wish to live as one family with Connie and the two kids, Connie remains adamant against Leng. Rico cannot support two households, so Leng goes back to Surigao with their child, as Rico tries to fix the situation in Manila. They meet more trials along the way, mainly the prejudice against their unconventional relationship and the unresolvable situation with Rico’s family. Despite it all they stay together, and Rico finally goes to Surigao to pick them up, so that they could live peacefully in Manila.



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