Bulaklak (Manuela)

Mar 26, 2011

Manuela is an attractive woman who has many suitors. Because of difficulty in choosing, she told her suitors to confess their feelings for her every Sunday in the form of harana. The battle among suitors was intense especially between Isyot, Manuela’s close friend, and Manuel, the Chief of Police. When Manuala chose Isyot and agreed to marry him, Manuel also proposed to Manuela. Confused, Manuela also said yes to Manuel. To escape the mess Manuela got herself into, she decided to leave Sarangani and go back to Cebu. In Isyot’s dismay, he consumed himself into drinking liquor until he accidentally met a road accident that sent him to prison. Manuel, on the other hand, searched for Manuela. Manuel told Manuela that he will help Isyot if she will marry him. Because of Manuela’s great love for Isyot, she was forced to marry Manuel. Manuel became the best husband for Manuela that made Manuela fell in love with Manuel. But still, Manuela’s love for Isyot is greater that Manuel eventually set Manuela free. When it was the time for Manuela to decide between the two men, she chose Manuel whose love for her could not be measured.


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