Callao Cave (Batang Tour Guide)

Jun 2, 2012

Andoy grew up without a mother. Together with his father Jerry, they tried to live a normal life in Cagayan. Being left alone at home most of the time, Andoy decided to sign up as one of the tour guides in the famous Callao Cave without his father’s knowledge. Soon, Andoy became a well-known tour guide and he enjoyed his work so much. Problems occurred when Jerry learned Andoy’s whereabouts; he got livid and prohibited Andoy from doing such work. But Andoy was persistent on continuing his job as a tour guide. Without permission, Andoy sets out and broke his father’s rule much to his father’s disappointment. Andoy explained that he was only doing this because he got less attention from his father and he wanted to be loved by his own kin. All ends well when Jerry understood the reason behind Andoy’s job and he realized to mend things with his son.


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