Camera (Extra Mom)

Mar 13, 2010

She act, she dance, she cry, she screams—Gemma is a professional talent who works double time for her four children who are all boys. Despite the difficulty in her profession, Gemma could not think of a job she portrayed in television or film that could match her struggle as a single mom. Her children do not give the respect she deserves as mom, they were even shy with their mother’s profession. No matter what Gemma do, she was not appreciated. Until a time came when she was tired from work and she witnessed her children fighting with each other. It served as a signal to Gemma that her children needed what they needed to hear, the secret she kept for a long time—that she was raped twice and was harassed many times. That her being a mom was not her choice, that everyday when she wakes up she could still see the faces and the smell of the men who molested her, but she did a good job in being a mom and she love her children despite what happened. Learning all that, Gemma’s boys started showing concern for her, they would even accompany her in shoots and stayed with her until the wee hours of the night. Gemma slowly felt the love she so long prayed for. And when she thought her freedom started when she told her children about her misfortunes, she was wrong, because she felt real freedom when finally, her anger to men disappeared and the smell of the men who molested her vanished.


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