Car (Mom in US)

Aug 29, 2009

A mother who works as a caregiver for Milly (played by Lynn Waters). Milly resists when her husband Mort (played by Erik Sundquist) first hires Grace. Over time, as Milly's Parkinson's disease progresses, a deep friendship blossoms between Grace and Milly. When Grace is able to send for her youngest daughter (played by Lauren Young) to join her in the US, she discovers that her daughter has grown cold toward her. Grace invites Milly to a birthday party to meet her Filipino friends, where she meets Joe, an American she eventually marries. As Milly's Parkinson's disease becomes progressively more disabling, preventing Milly from driving, Grace drives Milly to all the places she loves to go. Grace marries Joe, repairs her relationship with her daughter, and cares for Milly until her death. Grace uses money Milly left her to open a care facility for patients which she names Milly's Homecare


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