Cards (Mala-Magnifico)

Aug 25, 2012

Most of the time, Apple was being scolded by her parents for always asking for money and for always giving more time with church activities rather than her studies. Still, Apple was a very thoughtful kid. Every time there was an occasion like her mother Jocelyn’s birthday, she would make greeting cards. But one time, Jocelyn reprimanded her that she should have used the money with her studies instead. From then on, Jocelyn never received any card from Apple. Until one day, Apple was hit by a tricycle and died for saving her two friends. It brought so much pain to Jocelyn and it got even more painful for her when she found a couple of greeting cards made by Apple that were supposed to be given to her. Only then Jocelyn realized Apple’s worth. Apple might be gone but her memories will always be in Jocelyn’s heart forever.


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