Cellphone (Wanted BF)

Apr 26, 2014

Bambi (15) is the eldest daughter in her family. She grows up with a very strict father and does not experience going out much with her friends. When Bambi (23) finally has a daughter named Donna, she promises herself that she will not control her daughter’s life like the way his father did to her. When Bambi (36) has her first cellphone, she decides to help Donna (15) gain friends through texting. Bambi eventually loves the way modern communications work, so whenever a boy texts Donna through her phone, Bambi happily replies. She even brings Donna to meet their textmate. And when a boy asks Donna to be his girlfriend, Bambi says yes with the approval of her daughter. But her daughter secretly hates what they do. So when she finally has a boyfriend whom she really likes, she keeps it from Bambi. She does not want her mother to control her relationship with him. But when Bambi finds out the truth, she confronts her daughter. Donna finally tells her how much Bambi has controlled her life all along. It is then that Bambi realizes that it is her own teenage years that she is trying to make better, and not her daughter’s.



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