Cross Stitch (Last Wish)

Mar 10, 2012

Egay loved his wife Abby so much. He accepted everything about her which   includes   Abby’s incapability of bearing a child.   Abby, on   the   other hand,   was   very   grateful   for   having   a   loving   husband   like   Egay.   Their relationship was precious until   it was put into a great test   when Abby was diagnosed with cancer and was given only five years to live. It was during this difficult time that Abby decided to prepare Egay’s future by pairing Egay to her close friend Liza. Abby knew that it was the only way she can repay Egay’s unconditional love. Until Abby’s last breath, she told Egay her last wish – for Egay to continue his life by loving Liza. Egay was hesitant but still did   everything   to   fulfill   his   wife’s   last   wish.   Liza   was   also   doubtful   but accepted   Egay for the fear of   growing   old   alone.   Love,   indeed,  was   not present   during   the   first   few   years   of   their   relationship. Egay also made a mistake of comparing Liza to his departed wife. But in the end, love moved mysteriously in Egay and Liza’s relationship. They finally found true love in each other. Egay and Liza will forever be thankful for Abby for pairing them together, but   they   knew   that   it   was   genuine   love   that   will   make   their relationship last a lifetime.


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