Cupcake (Daniela at Lira)

Jan 29, 2011

Ilou (9) came from a rich family, her parents can afford to give her all the material things she want and need. She was happy and contented with the sheltered life her parents accustomed her to, but everything Ilou thought to be the best changed when she met Shane (7), the daughter of their new laundress. Shane showed Ilou that life outside is happier, that there is more to being a kid than just going to school and playing alone in the house. With Shane as her playmate, Ilou learned to play street games, heard about street food and dreamt of being able to enjoy the rides in a perya. When Ilou could no longer bear her curiosity about the colorful world Shane was describing to her, Ilou decided to sneak out of their house and with Shane beside her, decided to go to a perya. Even if Ilou got scolded by her mother, Ilou did not regret going with Shane. But Ilou and Shane’s friendship came to a sudden end when one day, Ilou found out that Shane died because of a vehicular accident. Even if their friendship was short lived, Ilou was thankful for Shane because if not for her, Ilou could not experience the joy of being an ordinary kid and of appreciating the simple things in life.


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