Dagat (Laot)

May 30, 2008

A tragic love story of a couple - Lea and Freddie - who, after mending from their previously unhappy married lives, met each other and started anew. Their own families opposed their relationship, but they fought for their love. Freddie would take Lea on a ride on his boat to the sea, and do weird but happy things like venting out their anxieties to the sea, and watching the sunset at shore. They knew that they needed and loved each other. But a month before they were about to marry at last, while Lea was pregnant with her first child with Freddie, a tragic news broke in their locality: Freddie never came back from the sea after fishing. A week after, Lea left their house by the sea, trying to cope up. But in her heart, Freddie is still alive, and she lives out the happiness he had once taught her.


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