Diary (Dr. Dad's Diary)

Jun 27, 2009

Enrique Lolarga of Manila was a father of 8 and a doctor-physician. Despite his profession, how come he could not provide the family enough financial support? One of his daughters, Pinky, was even sent to school by her grandmother in Baguio while the youngest son, Eric, even suffered from manic depressive psychosis that made Enrique experienced being spit out and punched by his own son. He could not give him and the rest of his children enough attention as expected from a parent. One night, the family saw him kneeling before Eric, asking for apology. Dr. Eric got blind and soon died of heart attack. On his burial, the family was astonished by the mass of people who mourned with them. Days after, Eric discovered from his dad’s cabinet a diary that revealed answers about the mysteries of their father. The reason why he could not give them much time was because he had been visiting barrios to extend help to the poor community and the reason why he could not provide them enough was because, along with medical transcriptions, he had been giving his less fortunate patients money. Eric and the whole family then realized that their father was also a father to the poor communities he had been serving for the past years.


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