Disabled Trike Driver

Jun 24, 2017

George (52), a viral disabled vegetable seller from Tiaong Quezon, is recently known for his pictures showing his custom-made tricycle that is tailor-fitted for his special condition and for his story of being a victim of thievery twice. But only those who know him from his childhood know what it was for him to be a disabled person. From a happy family in Masbate, George is born well and strong without any health conditions. Disaster strikes on him as he gets mysteriously sick during his childhood years which left him paralyzed waist down. With his new condition, George tries his best to adapt with his disability. Living through life with 2 slippers tied on his knees and 2 others to support his hands. George pushes himself to the limits just so he can go to school. But his determination is not enough as his father, Patricio, forces him stop his dream of becoming a student, seeing that his disability will do no good for his future. George is given the option to leave his house and live on his own in exchange for his opportunity to pursue his studies. Without hesitation, he chooses to leave. Fortune smiles on George as an Adventist sees his efforts in making his dreams come true despite his disability. He is then given a new home and a new environment that supports his goal. Later in life, he experiences both rejection and acceptance which shaped his view in life. This, together with his new found family in church, he develops a positive outlook in life. He then meets his wife and starts to build his own family by selling vegetables using his own custom-made tricycle. Considering his childhood experience with his father, he then makes sure that his family gets everything they needed despite his disability. Disaster strikes again when George becomes a victim of theft twice. Putting his new found positive outlook in life above all, he treats these events as a challenge from God. George continues to live his life to the fullest despite his disability, proving to everyone that one does not have to be able-bodied to serve as good example to his family and the community.


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