Drawing (Minda)

May 11, 2013

Minda becomes a mother at the age of 12. Also, at an early age, she experiences physical and verbal abuse from her husband, Ronnie. And if not for her four children Randy, Rhea, Rizza and Roger who make her happy and give her courage, Minda would have surrendered. When Ronnie died, Minda together with her children live with her mother-in-law, Pasing. One day, Pasing offered her a job far from her children. Though Minda does not want to leave them, she is forced by Pasing to do so. And she gives in, thinking that it will give her children a comfortable life. While she is away, she promises herself that she will just save money and will get her children in time. Years pass but uncertainties keep on testing Minda’s faith. Because of her fear for Pasing, she is not able to get her children. That is the time she meets Berto, a widower who has four sons. Minda builds a new family with Berto. While she is busy attending to the needs of her second family, she is not aware that her four children are being maltreated by the family of her late husband, Ronnie. Rhea is even molested by Ronnie’s brother, Arnel. Yes, Minda surrenders in getting her children but she never forgets them. She is just afraid that if she insists to Berto that she wants Randy, Rhea, Rizza and Roger to be with them, Berto might leave her. But not until Berto gives his permission. Only then Minda gets the courage to get her children. When she comes back to get her children, it is the only time she finds out how miserable her children’s lives have become. It brings so much pain to her. Knowing what they went through, Minda does everything for them. Every day, she would visit them, would do their chores, and would bring them everything they need. But every time she does that, her children just push her away. They make her feel unimportant and unwanted. It pains Minda so much but she also knows that she has to accept it. Minda never loses hope that one day, her children will forgive her. True enough, after long years of waiting, in the end, Randy, Rhea, Rizza and Roger learn to forgive Minda and accept her again as their mother.


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