Dream House

Nov 2, 2013

Minda’s dream of having an ideal family is not easy to achieve especially because of the bad conduct of his husband, Paeng. Their children live uncomfortably with their father. It even comes to a point when some of the children consider leaving their house. But of course, Minda wants her family to be intact so she tries her best to keep them together; until Paeng wins in the lottery. With their fortune, they decide to buy a house that they can claim as their own to avoid them into moving from one place to another like what they used to do. Minda believes that having a house will lead to a harmonious relationship between Paeng and their children. But to her dismay, their family’s relationship becomes worse when Paeng is stricken with stroke, making him more irritable and hard to get along with. Aside from that, misfortune happens because there are ghosts in their new house that keep on haunting them. Such horror adds to the family’s burden. As a consequence, the eldest daughter in the family finds the ghosts as a good reason to leave the house. But in fact, the real reason behind her desire to leave is that she could no longer tolerate her father’s behavior. Because of that, Minda starts to blame the havoc in their family to the ghosts. Sooner or later, she realizes that the scary events in their house are not the true cause of their broken family relationship but the awful behavior of Paeng. In the end, Minda is grateful that Paeng gradually changes his behavior which leads to a better relationship between him and their children.  


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