Elevator (Elevator Girl)

Sep 28, 2013

Cherry is thankful for having a cheerful and happy family. Because of her family’s orientation, she develops a positive outlook towards life despite their poverty. Cherry only finished high school education and eventually works in Manila in order to help in providing for their family needs. Even if she is far from her family, she still imbibes a cheerful aura that makes her get along well with others. Until she meets Jovit and they eventually become lovers. Their relationship is shaky at first. But gradually, it becomes stable until Cherry bears a child. To provide for the family, she needs to stay and work in Olongapo while Jovit and their son stay in Pangasinan since Jovit is not able to work because of his illness. Cherry is employed as a restroom and elevator break-time reliever in SM Olongapo. To stay away from solitude, she amuses herself in her job that likewise amuses the customers. Until such time that her extraordinary way of being an elevator break-time reliever is noticed by the public. Her video while working as an elevator girl becomes viral. At present, people admire Cherry for her cheerful attitude, hardwork and dedication in her work – all of these for the sake of her family.


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