Family Picture (Kevin Balot)

May 18, 2013

Being the only boy in the family, Kevin bears the pressure of his father’s expectation for him to be an engineer someday. But unknown to Kevin’s father, Renato, Kevin is starting to incline himself to femininity that he cannot control. However, Kevin tries his best not to disappoint his father. But no matter how hard he tries to dismiss the idea of being gay, he cannot resist it until he finally gives in to the third sex group mania. Renato, upon the discovery of his son’s true sexual preference, blurts in anguish and treats his son harshly. Thus, Kevin experiences emotional and physical abuse from Renato. That is why when Kevin enters college, he moves out of their house and lives independently. He enjoys this kind of lifestyle because he can express himself freely without reservations. He, then, starts joining gay beauty pageants. Kevin usually wins in the contests he participates in and gradually becomes popular. Renato, then, realizes that Kevin is happy and content with what he’s doing so he learns to accept the situation. Also, Renato confesses to Kevin about his gay best friend whose life has been lonely and miserable. Renato tells Kevin that he is scared that the same thing will happen to his only son. But Kevin proves his father wrong especially when he wins the most coveted title in gay beauty pageants – Ms. International Queen 2012. Kevin has proven not only to his family but as well as to the whole nation that success is not measured by one’s gender, but by one’s self-worth.


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