Feeding Bottle (Child Custody)

Jun 8, 2007

Rhea, Suzette and Johnson have been good friends since high school. They grew up hanging out at Rhea's house, as her cool mom (Jocelyn) is a very open-minded parent. Soon, Suzette and Johnson end up together, and Johnson eventually gets Suzette pregnant! Afraid to tell their parents about Suzette's early pregnancy, the two seek the help of Rhea and her cool mom. As such, they entrust their child in Rhea's care for a while, and promise to come back for it once they're ready to become parents. Soon, baby Joy is born, and Rhea plays mother to the baby. She learns to love baby Joy despite rumors that she's a "disgrasyada". However, three years after, Suzette and Johnson come back for their baby! Will Rhea be able to give the baby back? Can she keep baby Joy instead? 


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