Nov 24, 2012

In every problem that came their way, Luisa would always draw strength from their flower shop business. Luisa (40’s) and her husband, Johnny (40’s) together with their thirteen children built a happy family. Their flower shop solidified their family bond. But tragedies came their way. Luisa’s eldest son, John, was diagnosed with cancer. Her third daughter, Mary Joy, got pregnant early. Her sixth son, Joshua, was epileptic while her twelfth daughter, Angel, died because of pneumonia. Because of these misfortunes, Luisa eventually lost her flower shop. During that time, John would tell Luisa that he wished their flower shop was still with them. John asked Luisa that if he dies, he wants her mother to do anything to get their flower shop back. Soon, John also died. It brought so much pain to Luisa. She almost lost her will to continue living. While on the verge of giving up, Luisa remembered what her eldest son asked her. Only then she realized that she had to move forward and carry on with their life. With the help of her husband and children, she was able to have her flower shop back. In the end, Luisa learned that with or without the flower shop, they can still have a happy and contented life.


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