Sep 30, 2017

Erna Cano grows up in Romblon using the name “Juliet Perez,” which her foster parents gave to her when she got lost from her real family at the age of four. But growing up in a foster family is not easy for Juliet as not everyone in the family fully accepts her. Juliet feels incomplete until she accidentally meets her first love and first boyfriend, Edwin. They continue the love they had for each other before they got separated after high school graduation. Years after, they get married. Edwin expresses his will to meet Juliet's real parents and promises that they will find her parents together, much to Juliet’s surprise. Through child psychology, Juliet recalls some of her memories from the time she got lost. They start searching in Pampanga province when Juliet recalled the term "Macabebe,” a municipality of the province. Eventually, they reach Juliet's hometown and there she discovers that her parents got separated after blaming one another for her disappearance. The search continues as she finds her three other siblings who were left to their relatives. Juliet asserts to find her parents to justify issues from the past. With the help of her husband and her siblings, she finally found her parents and later they have reconciliation. Juliet feels complete as she finally found her real identity, and now happily lives in Romblon with Edwin and their three children and their adopted child.


MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Zambales

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MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Pampanga

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