Gasa (Mothering a Sick Child)

Nov 28, 2015

Wanting to make up for her daughter whom she lost sight of in the past, Cleofe (53) wholeheartedly takes over the motherly responsibilities of Jennifer (26) to Ashley, her 6-year-old granddaughter who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin disease. Besides, Jennifer also lacks the courage to endure Ashley’s condition. Tension arises when a painstaking Cleofe, after a long time, observes that Jennifer still remains coward in taking care of an extraordinarily positive Ashley, so much so that it starts to cause detachment between Jennifer and Ashley. This alarms Cleofe, as she thinks that soon enough, Ashley might get totally distant from her own mother. So she encourages Jennifer to step up for Ashley. But as time passes by and as Ashley’s medical bills hike up, Jennifer still succumbs to her nursing incapacities, triggering an aging Cleofe to despair. Cleofe’s bitterness toward Jennifer aggravates when she learns of the latter’s husband’s arrest for selling illegal drugs just so he can provide for Ashley’s medications. Meanwhile, then positive Ashley dwindles upon witnessing her father’s arrest. Feeling bad about this and about Jennifer’s seemingly negligence, Cleofe confronts her daughter. Almost shattered as to how she can be a mother and a battler amidst Ashley’s condition, Jennifer gives in to the pressure and brings back Cleofe’s compromised motherhood that brought about her poor fate and potential. As the two succumb to their weaknesses, they reconcile and stand up confidently for a deteriorating and depressed Ashley. In the end, Jennifer and Cleofe learn to be bold in taking good care of Ashley, who then continues to combat her diseases and hold on to her mother and grandmother’s collaborative support.



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