Gown (Far From Home)

Nov 7, 2015

Rommel is constantly beaten up and verbally abused by his stepfather Rogelio because of his homosexuality. Rommel considers himself unwanted and hated at home. His mother, Leonor, doesn’t defend him from Rogelio. At 11 years old, Rommel runs away from home because he couldn’t take the awful treatment anymore. Having nowhere to go, he lives in the streets and undergoes many trials in order to survive. However, with time, Rommel starts to feel a sense of belongingness in the streets. He doesn’t have to please anyone, and nobody makes him feel isolated. That is until he becomes a victim of a syndicate that prostitutes children like him to Arab men. Fortunately, Rommel is able to escape them after three months. However, when he goes home to Leonor and Rogelio, things have not changed. He still feels unloved. Again, he decides to leave home. Rommel works hard, to make something of himself. He builds his own company. From there, things start to look good for Rommel. A few years pass, and Rommel takes Leonor and his stepsiblings into his own home, because his mother decides she doesn’t want to be with Rogelio anymore. But a few months after, Leonor lets Rogelio step into Rommel’s own home to visit his stepsiblings – leading to a heated argument. Leonor reconciles with Rogelio, hoping Rommel finds it in himself to forgive his stepfather as well. Rommel notices his stepsiblings are sad because they have been missing their father. Because he doesn’t like seeing his stepsiblings like that, Rommel decides to hire Rogelio in one of his new gown shops, to see his children more often. When they formally opened the shop a year after that, Rommel and Rogelio reconcile. Rogelio apologizes, and Rommel accepts it. Now, Rommel finally feels he is loved by a family he so longed for his whole life.



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