Hagdanan (Hatid Sundo)

Jan 10, 2015

Andre is the youngest son of Rodolfo and Ester Mallari. Andre has always lived life happily and in normalcy despite having difficulty walking because of a rare muscle disease called Muscular Dystrophy. Until one day, he realizes the predicament he is in when his schoolmates in the first grade begin to isolate him because of his physical disability. Because of this, Andre always goes to school feeling sad and wishing he was born without a disease. Lucky for Andre, Rodolfo is there to cheer him up, as he would always lift his spirits up with words whenever Rodolfe drives and picks up Andre to and from school. Andre overcomes the problems faces in school because of his father’s constant love and encouragement. Years pass, Andre becomes a stronger person with a solid goal of finishing his studies for his parents, especially for Rodolfo. However, Andre’s world is shaken when his father passes away in an accident in his first year in college. After this heart-breaking loss, Andre and his family experience troubles they thought will never come their way. His family struggles financially, Ester goes through depression, and he is having trouble commuting because his father was the one who always drives him to wherever he goes. With a lot of problems in his plate, Andre starts to lose hope. He is about to give up when he realizes he will be throwing all of Rodolfo’s efforts if he concedes to all of life’s challenges. So, he toughens up. Andre becomes accustomed to commuting, exerts more attention in taking care of his mother, and resumes to try to fulfil his dreams for his father. In spite of Andre’s disease and all the other problems life has dealt in his hands, he prevails without losing hope. Now, he is a college graduate and he promises to celebrate Rodolfo’s memory by taking care of her mother and by continuing to reach out for his dreams that his father helped him build when he was still alive.



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