Hair Clip (Twin Sisters)

Mar 2, 2013

Life is stranger than fiction for Carlita and Charity especially when they first meet during their preparatory level. Different reactions surround them because they look exactly the same though they come from different families. Carlita and Charity start to have questions in their mind as to why they look identical, but their respective parents remain consistent in telling them that they are not siblings or twins. Despite that, Carlita and Charity are able to develop their closeness as they become classmates in elementary, until they reach their fifth grade where Carlita and Charity are assigned in separate class section. Bound by the influence of people around them, Carlita and Charity eventually drift apart. As they grow, Carlita and Charity are also living parallel lives in terms of their failed marriage and even having two daughters. One day, Carlita meets a nurse that reveals her real identity – that she and Charity are twins. Thinking that they will forever be unconnected, Carlita keeps to herself the truth she discovers. However, upon knowing that Charity’s daughters are not well-taken care of, Carlita decides to take their custody. It is when both Carlita and Charity realize that fate will still draw them closer to each other for the basic reason that they are twins.


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