Jul 8, 2017

Growing up in a simple, yet happy family where eating together is the highlight, Marie Julieta (11), third of the six siblings, sees how her family’s life turned upside down when their father, Manuel hit a severe sickness. Marie and her older siblings have to sacrifice for the sake of the family -  Lan (18), being the acting eldest, takes half of the responsibility of the family. He takes care of his father, younger siblings, and works as a helper to sustain for his family. Angie (12), next to Lan has to move to Dolores and stay with her Auntie Demie, so she can still study. Marie then takes the responsibility of being an “ate” for her younger siblings when Lan and her mom are not around. This leads her to become insecure with other children who are free to play outside and do what normal children do. As they transfer from one place to another for their father’s cure, they experience judgment and prejudice from the people they thought would love them as a family. Leaving their younger siblings Nino, Nina, and Baby to Demie, Rosa cries everyday as she longs for her children because she, Lan, Marie, and Manuel have to stay in Iligan to find cure for their father. As the six of them experience pain, it also leads them to maturity where they work hard individually and promise to pursue their dreams and help each other as one. After Manuel’s death, all the siblings are put to test as they decide to move to Iligan (where their two eldest siblings live) to continue their journey individually, and as a family. Shortly, Lan (21) has to move to Cagayan to work as a helper for their relatives and study for a year, while Angie (15) stays with their relatives near Iligan while managing her lola’s shop. Marie (14), on the other hand, studies well while taking care of her siblings. Rosa, though getting old, would always prepare “baon” for Nino, Nina, and Baby – younger siblings. After a year of staying in Cagayan, Lan decides to come back to Iligan and takes another course which is mechanical engineering. Along their journey as siblings, Angie, Lan, and Marie don’t realize that slowly, one of their younger siblings, Nina, is becoming distant to them. After how many months of hiding, they find out that Nina (16) is pregnant. Because of this, the siblings decide to help Nina emotionally and financially. This situation leads them to give more love and care for each other, living up to their father’s legacy. As time goes by, Marie learns to stand on her own, so she decides to go to Dubai, which Lan dismisses. For the first time, Marie says no to her brother and still pursues Dubai. After a year, Marie comes back because things don’t go right for her in Dubai. She realizes her mistakes as she talks to her brother regarding what happened. Of all their pain and challenges in life, the siblings never give up on each other until they all succeed in life—with Marie and Nina who are now registered nurses, Lan and Baby who are now engineers, Angie a computer analyst, and Nino a seaman. Despite all the struggles they face, they still tend to endure, persevere, and do what they do as a family—eat and be together.


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