Jun 27, 2015

(Tarik Khan Story)

Born to a British-Iranian father and an OFW mother in London, Tarik Khan had always been unique and special. When his mother Espie brought Tarik to her hometown in Catanduanes, he was instantly noticed for being a handsome little boy who speaks perfect British English. However, life was not meant to be perfect for the mother and son as depression and devastation overcame Espie as a result of her failed love affair with Tarik’s father and upon finding out that her family squandered the money she sent them to build her dream house for her and her son. Witnessing his mother’s slow descent into madness caused a strain on the young Tarik. After an accident took Tarik away from his mother, he survived through the generosity of various foster families. Tarik tried his best to bury the painful memories of his past but it only pushed him to a troubled life as he remained incomplete and unfulfilled. Espie, on the other hand, started roaming the streets of her hometown and managed to survive through the kindness of the townspeople. Memories of her son and their life in London were the only things that kept Espie alive and hopeful. Meanwhile, thinking that making peace with his past would finally heal him, Tarik went back home to Bicol where he met Rea, the woman who would become the love of his life and would serve as the force that kept him standing until he reunited with his mother. As Espie and Tarik finally found a home in each other’s presence, love and acceptance bridged the gap between their differences and their three decades of separation. However, the mother and son’s reunion was not meant to last as Tarik succumbed to his death only two years later. Despite his passing, Tarik’s love lives on in the two most important women in his life as his mother Espie and his wife Rea continue to find comfort in each other.



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