Jul 22, 2017

Hershey Hilado (5) grows up in an environment of physical and emotional abuse caused by her own mother, Emy (26). Hershey’s father, Jimmy (26) left Iloilo, along with her
younger brother Malick (3), when he found out about Emy’s affair with a Chinese national in Hong Kong. Then, Hershey is left behind in Iloilo with her grandfather Dongdong (71) and her older half-sister Emylen (8). Whenever Emy comes home from Hong Kong, Hershey (12), along with Emylen (15), expect beating from their mother, while they never understand why their mother does so. Due to this, the siblings often run away from their home only to be found again by Dongdong who is known in their town as a former second lieutenant.
One day, Hershey receives news from their neighbor that her father Jimmy (34) had been murdered in Batangas. Two years later, Dongdong (82) suffers from various health complications, but with his dying breath, Dongdong makes Hershey promise to take care of all of her siblings and make sure that they will live a good life. Almost parentless, Hershey (14) is forced to shoplift in order to fulfill her grandfather’s instructions, and feed all of her siblings. This pains Hershey, but instead of dwelling in the pain,
Hershey thinks of ways to escape the hardships she encounters, especially, her mother’s unreasonable wrath. At 16 years old, after being forced to marry a foreigner almost thrice her age, Hershey manages to escape from her mother and flies to Manila, with the help of Dongdong’s friend, Raul (late 70s). With only P1,000 in her pocket, Hershey is faced with another ordeal as she becomes homeless for almost two years until she finds her relatives from her father’s side in Lipa, Batangas. Dolores (late 40s) and Belen
(early 30s) take Hershey in until she finds herself in an online dating site where she meets Scott (30s), an Australian national whom she truly falls in love with. Two years later, Hershey (18) is brought to Australia and marries Scott. Still with her promise to Dongdong, Hershey starts to work her way upwards and applies as a crew member in McDonalds. Two years later, she quits her job and applies for a security company and trains there for six months. From being a store-front guard, Hershey gets promoted as a Security Control Room Operator. While at work, she reads a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, which inspires her to do more than just being good at her job, knowing that her purpose is greater than just surviving – it is keeping her promise to her late father figure Dongdong. A few months later, Hershey (21) quits her job in the security office and starts her first business. Through this business, Hershey is able to send money to her younger siblings in Iloilo, under her brother Chris’ (16) management. Currently, through the help of her business, an Australia-based women’s fashion label called
“Ohmagosh,” Hershey (24) fulfills her promise to her grandfather to always make sure that her siblings live a good life.


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