Homeless Graduate

Jul 2, 2016

Naning (11) is a resolute young girl who holds a determination to study regardless of being homeless and being adopted by Sallie (48). All her life she lives in a pavement in Quiapo. Naning finds out her true identity when she overhears Sallie talking to the neighbors about how her true mother, Christina abandoned her. She meets Christina and realizes that Christina will not be able to raise her. During that time Naning’s foster parents, Sallie and Bong (50) begin to quarrel because of Bong’s infidelity. From here on, Sallie neglects to look after Naning and her sister. Naning perseveres anyway, and continues to go to school and to work for her and her sister. She dreams to finish college and hopes someday she will take her family out of the streets and into their very own home. Throughout all of this, Sallie (52) picks herself up from her depression, and starts to become a worthy mother to her children. Years pass, Naning (15) steps into high school, she becomes more independent and able to get a scholarship to support her studies. However, Naning accepts the fact that she might be unable to go to college because of their situation in life. Help comes unexpectedly from a photographer, who took pictures of her while she is studying on the sidewalk. Later, it becomes viral in social media and encourages from unknown sponsors. Through their help, Naning (19) is able to study at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila. Sallie (56) supports her daughter throughout her studies in any way she could, however she admits to herself that Naning’s education they owe to the perseverance Naning showed, and the sponsors who were inspired by her daughter. Despite this truth, Naning believes that she wouldn’t be strong and determined without the constant support of her mother. Thanks to Sallie, Naning had a home even in the ever changing streets of Quiapo. 



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