Human Trafficking

Aug 13, 2016

A neglected teenager Julia (16) resorts to joining beauty pageants and bikini opens in order to get her mother’s attention. She mindlessly accepts a neighbor’s offer to go to Zamboanga City to join a cultural dance group. However, Julia later finds out that she was fooled into a ploy to work as a sexy dancer, leading her to being a sex worker. A few months later, Julia meets Denise (22) a man-hater club dancer who provides for her parents. As they go through the challenges in their lives together, they develop deep friendship with one another. Julia finds an older sister in Denise and Denise finds a younger sibling in Julia. Their sisterhood further solidifies when Denise gets impregnated by a runaway, but receives warm and full support like no other from Julia. Almost a year later, Julia finds an opportunity in a high-end club in Cebu City for a much higher remuneration. Enticed by the apparent advantage, she invites Denise to come with her. Tension arises when some of their workmates soon learn of their plan and become interested correspondingly. Wanting to share their seemingly stroke of luck, Julia and Denise tag along the group to Cebu City to transfer to a bigger club. As the group arrives in Cebu City, a group of mariners seizes and turn them over to the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to serve as a warning for qualified human trafficking. A year later, the two are officially arrested for the same crime. In spite of the arrest, Julia (26) and Denise (32) learn that sticking together will get them through all the adversities in their friendship.



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